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Passing through Cartagena, specifically La Boquilla, we find many people practicing a sport that is not very common in Colombia

Windsurf o tabla con vela

(although you can also practice it in many places on the coast and Cartagena itself).

What is the OBJETIVE?

Gliding on the water, on top of a board with a sail, you don’t need to be an expert, but to do it well, you have to master the waves, the wind, good balance and be prepared because you will need your whole body, especially the back. The sail has an articulation, with which it rotates around a single point of union with the table, manipulating the sail freely according to the wind and the position of the table. And all this maneuver is carried out by him or her  windsurfer who controls and dominates the sail and direction.

An ecological sport

In addition to being a sport, it is also a plan to relax, enjoy freedom and water. It is considered an ecological sport, since it does not need fuel, engines, or any other pollutant. In addition to being a plan for the whole family, it can be practiced by children from 8 years of age to adults of 60 years of age or older, if they feel fully capable of carrying it out.

What do you need to practice this sport?

Knowing how to swim, taking a short course to know how to slide and almost fly, but also knowing how to return, which in most cases turns out to be the most difficult. Experts indicate that it takes between 6 to 8 hours (two to three days) to be an independent navigator and know how to return correctly to the initial place of departure. As we said initially, you do not need to be an expert or bring your own equipment, there are many places where, in addition to doing the induction, you can rent the board for a certain time.

When can you practice?

Depending on the place where you decide to practice it, but in general it is possible throughout the year; being the best months January, February, July, August and December basically the months that bring more wind.

Where in Colombia can you practice this sport?

You can do it at the Sanguaré – San Onofre Nature Reserve, in the department of Sucre, El Cabo de la Vela, which in addition to practicing it, offers lodging in front of the beach. Puerto Velero, located 25 minutes from Barranquilla, its best dates are between December and April, on the beautiful island of San Andrés, most hotels offer you the plan. Finally, and cataloged as, the best place to practice Windsurfing in Colombia is in Valle del Cauca, Lake Calima (In the municipality of El Darién, just 86 km from Cali, its capital).

Here you can find winds throughout the year, it is positioned as the third lake with the strongest and most constant winds worldwide and number one in America!

It seems that this sport could only be done in the sea, but we were told that those who live in the Colombian capital can practice the sport in other places such as the Tominé, Sisga, Paipa and Neusa lagoons.

Final recommendations

if you are a beginner and you are thinking of doing this plan, never do it at night and without the company of someone who can guide you, be careful with the obstacles and most importantly, obey the traffic rules that will indicate you when you start browsing.

There are other very popular water sports, such as paddle surfing, kitesurfing and wakeboarding, which can also be practiced in Colombia, basically in the same places as windsurfing. All you need is to put on your swimsuit and join these aquatic adventures.

Would you like to practice it? We are very close to the places where you can do it: Cali, Cartagena, Barranquilla, Santa Marta and Cali. Book now! We have the ideal car for you.

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