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5 places you can visit in 1 day near Bogotá - Enterprise

If you live in Bogotá or are visiting and are looking to disconnect from the city and connect with nature, adventure and culture for a day, you just have to visit these 5 places that are in the surroundings.

 We call it populating and these are our top 5:

1. The Chorrera of Choachí

It is located in the Parque Aventura la Chorrera, 45 minutes from Bogotá, it is a 590-meter-high waterfall that, with its 6 falls, earned the title of being “the highest waterfall in Colombia

It is the sixth in South America and the sixty worldwide according to the World Waterfalls Database. In addition to being one of the best places to go trekking in Colombia, the place is perfect to disconnect from the routine, full of nature, landscapes and fauna.

The Guatavita Lagoon

75 km from Bogotá, located in Sesquilé

It is located in an environmentally protected area where you can reach it by a path that contains an impressive mountainous area, full of vegetation and animal species such as foxes, eagles and blackbirds of the moor. You will be able to contemplate the lagoon in all its greatness, from the highest point; once you get there you will see that it is an indescribable experience.

In addition to the lagoon, touring the town of Guatavita is captivating, because in every corner you will find references to the legend of

2.“El Dorado”

Where you can learn much more and buy local handicrafts, such as containers made of pottery and the most beautiful virgin wool ruanas.

3.The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá

Located in the city of Zipaquirá, 36 km northwest of Bogotáknown as the first wonder of Colombia, which is actually a salt mine and the only Underground Temple in the World  180 meters underground and second most impressive place of worship on the planet.

The tour has different places not only to photograph but to contemplate its different architectural and artistic works, you will see the largest cross in the world made of salt rock. Within the activities, you will be able to be a miner for 45 minutes, a perfect experience to learn about the extraction of salt rock, as a miner you will cut rock using picks and other tools, wearing a helmet with a flashlight. Surely you have seen photographs of the place, but without a doubt this is a tourist destination that you should visit at least once in your life.

4. Piedras del Tunjo Archaeological Park in Facatativá

It is the only archaeological park located in an urban area in all of South America , 40 km from Bogotá you will find this place that has 27 hectares of rock shelters, cave paintings, landscapes full of trees and where you can contemplate from the high rocks the entire municipality of Facatativá. It has a lake inside and you can rent a boat to explore it. In addition, you can walk, ride a bike, car or motorcycle with your pets. Well, the park has paved roads, a place to connect with nature and our ancestral culture.

5. Swedish

Located in the province of Almeidas- Cundinamarca, 59 km northeast of Bogotá

A place to climb, walk, full of nature and rocks that measure approximately 2 kilometers long and the height ranges between 20 and 130 meters. In this municipality you can make different plans apart from climbing with expert guides, going to the viewpoint and contemplating the panoramic view of the place, touring the town, taking the walk to the old aqueduct and knowing the canyon of the owls.

As you saw, enchanting plans and places are what you get in Colombia, so don’t think twice and join the adventure, rent a car with Alamo and visit these and many more places very close to you.

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