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3 essential Apps on a trip - Enterprise

Technology, smartphones and their applications have become an indispensable tool, our right hand when it comes to facing the world.

And there are countless applications that will help you locate anywhere, either for a day trip or to trace a route for many days, almost all over the world.

We also know that the space of your smartphone is vital for your day to day life, so when you make your road trips we recommend the following three types of essential applications, best rated and favorites by travelers:

1.Location: Google Maps / Waze

These Apps will save you from getting lost in places you don’t know and will save you a lot of time

Google maps

It offers you a much more general view of the route you are going to take. In addition to tracing the path by car, you can choose to avoid tolls, add stops, it also has a walk option, it allows you to geolocate a specific point, calculate routes, find the closest places of interest or see the appearance of a place on foot. street. What is the best thing about this app? That you do not need to be connected to the internet and that is undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages, because we know that in many corners of Colombia the cell phone signal is lost, especially when you travel by road or are walking through the mountains.


For its part, it gives you a more personalized route including its characteristic voice that guides you to follow the route with less traffic, add stops, choose the type of road you want to use, announces the details in real time of the road, such as photo cameras, fines, accidents, even checkpoints, it can also recommend parking lots, nearby restaurants and cheaper fuel points. This App was created especially for private car drivers. And it is fed by the same users who report in real time what happens on the route. When traveling with Waze we recommend keeping your data on and your cell phone charged.

2.Music: Spotify

The largest music bank, you can find all genres, for every mood, lists full of emotions so you can put rhythm to the route, the best thing always is that you can choose according to your taste or that of your companions . You can use it on computers, phones, tablets, speakers, TVs or cars. You can create lists with your favorite music and even download it within the app so that when you are offline it continues to work. For the latter, your account must be premium, which, considering the hours and benefits, is surely worth it. Also, you can get rid of ads, there is nothing like listening without interruptions.

Can you imagine a journey of many hours without music? We don’t, that’s why at Alamo our cars have bluetooth or the necessary ports so you can connect your mobile device and enjoy the trip at all times.

3.Recommendations: Tripadvisor

If you are looking for recommendations on restaurants, this app is the one. On this platform, the travelers or clients themselves value the premises based on their service, type of food, location or value for money. A good option if what you want is to know the best gastronomic places of your destinations.

Some recommendations from Alamo:

• In case of going by car and if you are the one driving, let your co-driver do the searches. Or if you are traveling alone, stop the car in a safe place and search. The most important thing will always be that you keep your concentration on the road, take care of your life and that of your companions.
• If you are walking or on public roads, make sure you use your mobile device in a safe and reliable place.
• The applications are not perfect, so in Colombia it never hurts to ask a resident of the place where you are for guidance, do it in safe places; like the hotel where you stay, with a police officer, tour guides or the place where you rent the car, in this case with our Alamo agents.
These were 3 basic applications that can be very useful when you make your trips to places you do not know. There are millions of mobile applications that you can find according to your needs during the trip. And for you, what is the must-have app?

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